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About this item
  • Supports IEEE 802.15.4 ZigBee/Smartroom protocol.
  • Monitor light intensity of the surrounding environment, and transfer related data to smart mobile terminals.
  • Users can set up related linkage devices such as automatic curtain, awning and wall switch to switch ON/OFF them as per needs.
  • When the voltage of battery is too low, mobile terminals will receive under voltage alarm to remind user of replacing battery.
  • Low power consumption, energy saving and environment friendly.
  • Wireless design, small size, easy to install.
  • Stylish and exquisite design.

Brand: Wulian
Model: Smart Light sensor
Communication mode: IEEE 802.15.4 (ZIGBEE/SmartRoom)
Antenna type: PCB antenna
Power parameter: DC 3V
Battery type: CR2 x 1
Standby power: <2µA
Installation method: Base fixed, Portable type
Communication distance: 100m
Resistance to white light interference: ≥8000LUX
Effective receiving angle: ±60°
Light luminous flux range: 1-65535 lx
Working temperature: -10°C to 45°C
Working humidity: ≤95% (Non-considering)
Material: PC
Color: White
Flame retardant rating: UL94 V-2
Overall size (Diameter x Thickness): Ø64 x 32 mm
Net weight: 50g

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